Recent articles about Miami Dolphins
  1. Everyone knows the best defenses in the NFL each year, but the 2020 NFL season could provide a few surprise units.
  2. The Dolphins appreciate what McMillan brings to the table, and they’d be interested in continuing his stay. However, the potential impact the pandemic will have on the salary cap is hamstringing Miami at the moment.
  3. Former Miami wide receiver Kenny Stills has been critical of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross in the past, and it appears his opinion has not changed.
  4. When the wide receiver was still with the Dolphins, he stated that, in his view, it wasn’t possible for Ross to simultaneously fight against systemic racism while supporting Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.
  5. Folks, Jay Cutler is now using Instagram stories and it’s everything you can imagine. Showing up extremely disheveled, as is his wont, a bearded Cutler begins discussing the fact that there’s a chicken serial killer in his neck of the woods.