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  1. Recent Instagram activity from Danny Amendola suggests he and Olivia Culpo may have broken up.Amendola unfollowed Culpo on Instagram, which is a typical sign of problems in a relationship. Barstool Sports personality Francesca pointed that out and added that Amendola also deleted photos of the two together. Amendola and Culpo were dating for around two years according to reports. The Providence Journal reported in January that the two met on the street in Hollywood, Calif.Culpo, a model and former Miss USA, was extremely supportive of Amendola and attended many of his games. She posted this after the Patriots clinched a berth to the Super Bowl. Amendola is no longer with the Patriots after signing with the Miami Dolphins in free agency.Prior to Amendola, Culpo was reportedly dating a different one-time Patriots player.
  2. This time in the NFL is all about teams enhancing their rosters through both free agency and the upcoming draft. It is also time that teams tend to check in on some players recovering from injuries who are expected to play in 2018.This flurry of activity can’t help but get fans hyped for their favorite teams to play this year. But let’s all calm down a little. Will last year’s huge batch of injured players making their return instantly turn their struggling franchises around?At the same time, some teams are putting a lot of faith in newly-signed free agents making a huge impact this year. And soon enough, teams will be relying on rookies to make a huge impact in their first season.With so many unknowns waiting around the corner, the following seven teams already stirring up buzz — could crash and burn.Indianapolis Colts Once again, the Colts are wanting us to believe that quarterback Andrew Luck will be healthy to play in 2018. The team is “very confident” in their quarterback’s progress and expects him to be
  3. Whether it is the salty Miami air or the team brass just feeling in the gambling type of mood, Brock Osweiler is now a member of the Miami Dolphins. Like it or not.Unfortunately for Osweiler, most folks fall into the “not” category. The social media world is having a field day roasting this most-recent free agent signing.
  4. He has more lives than cats. He’s also going to take on South Beach in his next stop as a quarterback in the NFL. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Miami Dolphins are signing veteran quarterback Brock Osweiler. There’s definitely some jokes to be had here. Since showing himself as a part-time starter for the Denver Broncos back in 2015, Osweiler has thrown 20 touchdowns compared to 21 interceptions in 18 starts.After spending one season in Houston following the Texans signing him to a four-year, $72 million contract, Osweiler was shipped off to the Cleveland Browns last offseason. He didn’t make it to Week 1 with a Browns team that eventually went winless, instead landing with his former Denver Broncos squad.In Denver, Osweiler threw five touchdowns compared to five interceptions en route to leading the Broncos to a 0-4 record in four starts.Osweiler will now take on the role of holding a clipboard behind starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill in Miami.
  5. The New York Jets aren’t done yet.One day after signing Terrelle Pryor, they are in on DT Ndamukong Suh. Not only that, but they appear to have the best offer on the table. And while the Jets are coming off another rough season (5-11), they are adding necessary pieces. Plus, the NFL Draft is right around the corner—where they now pick third.Of course, there’s no guarantee the Jets hit on their top pick. But free agents clearly want to play there, and that’s huge. As for Suh, there’s still plenty left in the tank. But is he a good potential fit?