Welcome to the Original Miami Dolphins FINATICS!

The Finatics started way back in 1992, when a group of friends who worked together at a software company started tailgating at the Dolphins home games. We met at a specific location in the parking area known as "E12" and our first web site was born as E12.com.

Later on through the years, we've moved to different places in the parking lot.  But also, the Finatics became more about tailgating.  It's now our views of the Miami Dolphins from the parking lot to the field.  In September 1997, Finatics.com was born.  Since 2004, we are an "Officially Recognized Fan Website" of the Miami Dolphins.  In 2012, the Miami Dolphins started calling their fans "FINATICS".  But we keep on rolling..  We are the ORIGINAL Miami Dolphins FINATICS! 

In case you are looking for us in the parking lot, we're still there!  We're now at EAST orange parking area in the general vicinity of the area denoted in the map below.  We get to most of the Dolphins home games 4 hours before game time.  Look for the Finatics flag!!