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  1. All eyes will be on Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill this week, and more specifically his left knee and right arm. The Dolphins take the field Tuesday to begin a three-day OTA (organized team activities) and the biggest question is whether Tan
  2. The Miami Dolphins have been working on and off since April but tomorrow begins the next phase of the off-season when the team holds its first OTA. OTA's or "organized team activities" will begin on Tuesday. The team has held previous off-season work
  3. Senior Analyst Gordon McGuinness outlines five NFL team who could surprise with a postseason appearance in 2018 after missing out on the playoffs a year ago.
  4. From his hometown so tiny it's not even a town, to his willingness to kiss a real-life dolphin, Quentin Poling might have taken the prize as the most unique member of the Dolphins' 2018 draft class...
  5. The 2018 NFL season is around the corner and much has been made about what the Miami Dolphins have done this past offseason, from trading their number one receiver Jarvis Landry to cutting their top defensive player in Ndamukong Suh. Those two losse
  6. This is one of our random and yet not so random (since they appear nearly every evening) live threads. Everyone is, as always, welcome to discuss any subject that you wish on the live threads, but please, in doing so, continue to adhere
  7. I wanted to explain why I still have this excitement/butterflies in my stomach weeks after the draft & months before preseason and the first game.May 20th, Sunday evening.  Just under 2 weeks from the beginning of June.  I do not know t
  8. Miami's newcomers will hit the field Tuesday with the goal of doing their part to improve a team coming off of a 6-10 season. The 90 players on the Dolphins' training camp roster will begin the offseason's on-field practices during the firs
  9. The NFL offseason is a time of rumors, speculation, hot takes, and some news. Even as the teams progress through their offseason training programs, there is not a lot of Earth-shattering news coming out of the league. However, the discus
  10. Dolphins seventh-round pick Quentin Poling spoke to the South Florida media during the rookie minicamp. Here were some of his comments that stood out, along with some perspective: “I'm sure probabl...
  11. As we are just days away from the first OTA session and essentially the kickoff of this upcoming NFL aeason it is time to look at the Miami Dolphins roster and give it a last glance to see where things sit as they begin the long journey that is the
  12. Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours. When Ryan Tannehill takes some snaps under center in practice, he will h
  13. Time to continue our annual look at the Miami Dolphins' roster, our 90-in-90 series, with another look at a veteran player. As the Dolphins' offseason training program continues, moving into the Organized Team Activities and veteran
  14. Dolphins sixth-round pick Cornell Armstrong spoke to the South Florida media during the rookie minicamp. Here were some of his comments that stood out, along with some perspective: “I'm pretty fas...