Dolphins Kept Scoring Pace with Cardinals for The Win

Written by Gino Vitale - VITALE'S VIEW

Tua Cardinals 2Sunday, we saw one of the most important things in the evolution of our 2020 Miami Dolphins.   It was to keep pace with a high-octane Arizona Cardinals offensive.

None of the Sunday morning analysts had our Miami Dolphins winning against Arizona.  They are too strong.  Kyler Murray is a beast.    Damn, he definitely was.  So fast; it was hard for any of our defensive linemen to catch him.  Thank goodness for our DB’s.   

But..  Tua showed us that he has the ability to make plays in the NFL!  This is the TUA that we drafted! Tua had the Miami Dolphins offense firing on all cylinders.  TD to Preston Williams, to TE Mack Hollins (like who is that?!?!?).  And, when Tua couldn’t make something happen, he juked, he scrambled, and he made something happen!  He constantly kept the game in sight.   On top of that, he did that without Robby Brown, our QB coach who was not available due to COVID protocols.  Fitz who? 

Most of all, our defense stepped up and made key stops when we needed them to do it.  That was everything that got us that win.

MY VIEW: Another great all around team win for our Miami Dolphins.  Everyone stepping up to get it done.  The result - 4 wins in a row against quality teams (Jets excluded!).  Keep building and preparing each week.  Seems that our team is definitely focused.   I love what we’re seeing! GO FINS!

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