Rams vs Dolphins – It was a TRUE Team Effort

Written by Gino Vitale - VITALE'S VIEW

Wilkins2It’s all about team play and what better way for Tua to start his career by having his teammates step up big for him. 

Coach Flo is great.  He’s molded this team into the real deal!  We can win on offense, defense or special teams!  Our Fins did just that against the Rams.  Our offensive productivity against the Rams looked like garbage, but our defense stepped up in an amazing way and won the game for us.  Not to mention – this “No Name Defense 2.0” is the top scoring defense in the league!  You hear that, Fantasy Footballers?

It was also an amazing Special Teams performance.  WOW Jakeem Grant was due for one!  And how great was it for Grant to get the first punt return for a TD this season in the NFL - in week 8!  

While Tua didn’t have a stellar game, he looked comfortable against a really good defense.  Good news is that he did not throw 1 INT.  Maybe he had in his head that he did not need to take risks with the defense and special teams running the game.  Can’t wait to see him when he is under real pressure to perform.   He’ll learn, and find out quickly how the NFL runs.   He has it, and will only get better.

MY VIEW: It was just great to see our team growing into winners.  It’s been a long time coming.  3 wins in a row!  Now, I want the playoffs.  Wouldn’t that be something with our new quarterback, leadership and this whole team finally performing like a championship team.   Coach Flo is making some great moves this week trading away WR Isaiah Ford to New England to make way for KC’s RB DeAndre Washington to beef up our running game.  He is doing all the right things.  Can’t wait for the rest of the season.    

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